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BAHDEV seeks to maximize the value of real estate assets by applying its vertically integrated expertise across all disciplines.  From sourcing, to acquiring, to maximizing value, and monetizing; we tackle all tasks with our hands-on in-house operating team.


Feel free to contact us directly with specifics about your upcoming developments.

Commercial Developments

We have a very conventional financial approach with our developments, but an unconventional approach to our ideas and brainstorming.  We focus on providing optimum customer service and a teaming approach.  

Residential Developments

Whether you are looking to create a small or large residential developments, we are experienced.  We have supported clients throughout Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and California.  We can work within your goals and specific vision for Single Family Residences and Multi Family Communities.

Raw Land Developments

We have experience and an innovative approach to this service.  Please contact us for a conversation and consultation about the possibilities ahead.  

Our expertise in reviewing and analyzing the component parts of a real estate development gives our clients the competitive edge they need to be able to evaluate the whole financial package instead of making decisions based upon faulty or incomplete information.


Our due diligence is handled primarily in-house.  BAHDEV has the complete ability to handle all aspects of the entitlement, construction, and post development sales closing. We use third parties for environmental and engineering reports and surveys.  This practice gives us better control of the development approval processes to completion.

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